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Jessie Wyatt - The Dreamer


Illustrator & Designer

Micah Wyatt


Writer & Designer

Thistle Design Shop is a wife and husband team who lives in the serene mountains of Kentucky.

Jessie is an illustrator and designer inspired by the beauty of Appalachia. Micah is a writer and designer, always helping the team to come up with their next clever idea.

Together they create illustrated stickers, art prints, postcards, wood slice designs, and hand-bound journals showing their shared love of nature and geek pop culture.

2022 lineup

Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers

With almost 50 different designs from travel, nature, geek, and just plain cute, these vinyl die-cut stickers are always a huge hit and are made of high quality material.

Die Cut Stickers
Sticker Sheet

Illustrated Sticker Sheets

These wonderful kiss-cut stickers are perfect for a journal, planner, or travel notebook. They are made of high-quality matte or clear paper. 

Wood Slice Designs

Created from responsibly sourced wood, these designs are hand-painted directly onto a sanded surface and are coated to make them waterproof, weatherproof, and will last you for years to come.

Wood Slice Art
Greeting Cards Postcards

Postcards & Art Prints

Illustrated designs inspired by the wonders of the Appalachia and growing up in Kentucky, these are amazing gifts to send to your loved ones or frame in your home or office.

Hand-bound Notebooks

We love a good notebook, especially one you can take with you. So, when that amazing idea strikes you can jot it down. These journals are hand-bound with a saddle stitch and the sturdy cover showcases fun seamless pattern illustrations.

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