5 Great Sites to Get Free Commercial Fonts

If you are anything like me you want your blog posts, Facebook, and Pinterest pictures to look their best. The first step is great photography, but an equally important step is the fonts you choose. Choosing fonts can be a daunting task. Frequently, I see small business owners using fonts that came installed on their computer – such as Comic Sans and Papyrus. This is because they don’t know what else to use or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on fonts.

The fonts you choose really reflect the quality of your business. Design speaks volumes. You don’t have to hire a designer for every Facebook ad you create. You can do it yourself! Here are some websites that have beautiful and free fonts for commercial use.

Font Squirrel

There are hundreds of free fonts here. And best of all they are free for commercial use! You can’t go wrong.

FontSquirrel Free Fonts for Small Businesses

Google Fonts

I love this site. I use it on almost every web project I do. It has tons of free commercial fonts that are modern and beautiful.

Google Fonts Free Fonts for Small Businesses


Not every font on Myfonts is free, in fact 99% of them aren’t. But if you search for free fonts you can find some real gems.

MyFonts Free Fonts for Small Businesses

The Northern Block

There are some fantastic fonts here. And best of all a number of them are free!

NorthernBlock Free Fonts for Small Businesses


This site is full of funky and cool fonts and they are all free for commercial use.

FontCab Free Fonts for Small Businesses

Read the license that comes with each font to make sure you are using the font correctly.

Thanks and enjoy!