5 Great Places to Get Free Commercial Fonts

If you are anything like me you want your blog posts, Facebook, and Pinterest pictures to look their best. The first step is great photography, but an equally important step is the fonts you choose. Choosing fonts can be a daunting task. Frequently, I see small...

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Top 5 things to consider when hiring a designer

In today’s modern technological landscape finding a designer is a very simple task. The problem lies in finding a designer that is knowledgeable, timely, affordable, and easy to work with. The following five tips will simplify your hunt and increase your chances of...

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How to Tell a Good Design Deal from a Good Con

About thirteen years ago I was attending a school in Sacramento California when I met a very nice man. After befriending him, and being invited to his big fancy home, I was told how he and his family would soon be out on the street. He was very sincere as he relayed...

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Why Tailor-Made Designs Aren’t As Expensive as You Think

[bs_lead]Presentation may not be everything, but it is a lot. Humans like good looking things, and they like looking at things that make them feel good. From the sharp lines of a sports car, to the soft circles of a baby’s face, pleasing shapes draw us near them and...

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Adapt Courseware Case Study

Christina of Adapt Courseware needed a redesign for a brochure. She stated: I want something edgier and more hip as this feels very corporate to me. This is the original design: [bs_row class="row"][bs_col class="col-xs-3"][/bs_col][bs_col...

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Building a Successful Relationship With Your Designer

Asking Questions When hiring a designer for the first time to work with you to create a website, logo, or other design project it can be overwhelming. You may have many questions for the designer. But don’t worry, the more questions the better. A designer should be...

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Hi, I'm Jessie

I'm a web & graphic designer that specializes in helping small businesses build amazing websites and branding.